Lloyd (Tom) Greene, Senior Counsel

The arc of Tom’s career spans political and security risk consultancy, U.S. Army foreign-area officer service and eight years as vice-president for external relations at the then largest copper mine in the world: Tom has mastered managing complexity

Tom is the glue binding Monkey Forest’s social performance management practice to reality.

His deep, director-level experience and ability to lead interdisciplinary, multicultural teams of social performance practitioners make Tom the go-to guy for spearheading Monkey Forest’s most comprehensive projects.

Tom creates fully functional external relations departments by finding, recruiting and training local teams to deliver at an international standard. His participation in elite U.S. Army foreign-area officer training, management of U.S. Embassy security services and seven years of political and security risk consultancy lend authority to Monkey Forest’s Voluntary Principles practice.

With operational extractive industry experience from volatile regions in Asia – Pacific, Central and South America and the Middle East, Tom designs and implements VPSHR programs that deliver socially responsible security and positive community-company relations based on security, stability and confidence.

He is at ease in the most tense and complex situations; he provides that calm, steadying influence that creates a space where companies and communities can rebuild trust. Tom is a senior manager at Monkey Forest Consulting and the first point of contact for clients in conflict situations