Gary MacDonald, Principal

With over 25 years working with communities undergoing complex social change, Gary MacDonald is at the vanguard of social performance management.

Combining line management experience on billion-dollar mega-projects with multinational director-level experience, Gary brings a proven field-to-boardroom perspective to MFC’s social performance management practice.

Drawing on more than a decade as one of the leading social assessors of extractive and agro-forestry projects, Gary oversees MFC’s assessment practice as it guides investors and managers through the international social performance standards that opens access to funding.

His experience resolving community-project conflict prompted his involvement in groundbreaking UN Global Compact work on conflict and revenue transparency. As a thought leader and public speaker, he constantly pushes the boundaries of the social performance community of practice; his deft touch brings in skeptics and creates space for dialogue.

He is one of MFC’s principals and founders.