Carol Odell, Senior Manager

Driven by her inter-disciplinary PhD work in mining engineering and 12-plus years designing and assessing social performance management systems in Latin America and West Africa, Carol knows when organizations are destined for company-community conflict and which ones will achieve sustainable social acceptance.

Carol brings a rights-based approach to her leadership of Monkey Forest’s social performance management practice. She focuses on designing local content and stakeholder engagement plans anchored in respect for indigenous and community rights.

Her experience assessing extractive, agro-forestry and hydro-electric infrastructure projects drives Monkey Forest’s assessment practice; she works with investors and managers who see compliance with international standards as the baseline, not the goal.

Carol’s multidisciplinary training feeds her ability to design cutting-edge social performance management systems and Monkey Forest’s thought leadership; she has written on topics ranging from results-based external affairs for mining projects, to corporate ethics, to integrating social concerns into mine design.

She also leads the company’s human-resources practice from her home base in Lima, Peru