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for social performance specialists

If you’ve ever tried to manage social performance all by yourself you know the days are too short and the tasks are too long.

Besides, like all behaviours, social performance is stronger with collective action. That’s why you’re here.

Our Key Areas Of Focus


We don’t have to make it up. We’re committed to grounding our theory in real experience, good and bad.


Experience, observation, analysis and documentation are the core blocks we use for building solid assessments of social performance.


Now that you know what really works, how do you make it happen? The MSP Community takes you there.

The Online Resources

Remember how social performance used to be considered a black box?

Not anymore.

With the rise of groups like the Social Performance Forum, social performance is becoming much more effective and predictable.

And Social Performance Online is the place you can find pragmatic courses, news, even template forms and plans that you can use to bring your social performance into alignment with the kind of good international practice funders want to support.

From The Blog

Read about current issues, developments in social performance, and thought leadership pieces from practitioners in the field.

The nine things you need to do to manage a social crisis

The nine things you need to do to manage a social crisis

You probably already know how it starts. You’re sitting at your desk when the reception or front gate calls to say that the road is blocked by a group of angry people. You may not have known that it was coming – that’s a separate problem for a later post – but once it...

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The business benefits to opening the door to complaints

The business benefits to opening the door to complaints

Life can be hard.

Especially when you’re trying to create a complex project – no matter how big it is. Although this often happens in a foreign culture, with the increasing pace of change it can be a very similar experience even at home as we struggle to understand local values, concerns and why people don’t seem to understand what we’re doing.

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